Sock Tutorials

Sock Tutorials

Don’t throw out those odd Socks!  Check out all the fantastic ideas in this collection of  Sock Animal Tutorials. They are so cute that you’ll want to make every single one of them! They make adorable gifts too. Pick your favourite!

Sock Tutorials1

Sock Owl Tutorial via ‘Craft Passion’

Sock Tutorials2

Sock Elephant Tutorial via ‘One Tough Mother Blog’

Sock Tutorials3

Sock Bunnies Tutorial via ‘New Vision Studio’

Sock Tutorials4

Snowman Sock Tutorial via ‘Croissant and Lavender’

Sock Tutorials5

DIY Sock Dog Tutorial via ‘Martha Stewart’

Sock Tutorials6

Sock Hedgehog Tutorial

Sock Tutorials7

Sock Sheep Tutorial via ‘Craft Passion’

Sock Tutorials8

Sock Crocodile source ‘Pinterest

Sock Tutorials9

Snowman Sock Tutorial via ‘Then She Made’

Sock Tutorials10

Sock Lion Tutorial via ‘Craft Passion’

Sock Tutorials11

Sock Hippo Video Tutorial 

Sock Tutorials12

Sock Elephant Tutorial

Sock Tutorials13

Sock Bunny Tutorial via ‘Craft Passion’

Sock Tutorials14

Sock Monkey Tutorial via ‘Craft Passion’

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