Number Cakes

Number Cakes10

If you’re having a birthday and would love to feature the age as your cake, you will be happy to see just how easy it is.  All you need to do is cut the cake in the correct shapes and you are in business.  You can decorate with all your favourite things.  Be as creative as you like!

Cake Numbers Tutorial via ‘That’s Life’

Number Cakes Number Cakes1 Number Cakes2

Number 3 Cake Tutorial via ‘The Domestic Project’

Number Cakes3

Number Cake Tutorial via ‘One Little Project’

Number Cakes4 Number Cakes5

Number One Cake – via ‘Karen’s Cake Creations’

Number Cakes6

Number 3 Birthday Cake

Number Cakes7

Mickey Mouse Number 3 Cake

Number Cakes8

Number Cakes Tutorial via ‘Merely Mothers’

Number Cakes9

 Number 3 Cake Tutorial


Number Cakes11

Sources:  Cake Central Create a Cake by Rebecca Takes the Cake

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