Hello Kitty Easter Eggs

Hello Kitty Easter Eggs
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These Hello Kitty Easter eggs look so cute!! I’m in love! I can’t take my eyes from them! My daughter will love these Easter eggs for sure! This year, Easter comes with many design ideas and decorating tips that I’ve never heard of before! If you don’t like anymore dyeing and coloring the Easter eggs, you should definitely try making these cute Hello Kitty eggs. You can even ask your kids to help you with these DIY craft project because everything is so easy!! Gather all the following materials and supplies and get to work!

You will need:
Permanent Markers in Black and Yellow
Ribbons, Flowers, or other little findings

How you make them:
First of all, Hard Boil your eggs!
Once the eggs are cooked thoroughly, let them cool.
Color on the nose by drawing a small oval in the center of the face with the yellow permanent marker.
Color on the eyes by drawing two small ovals on either side of and just above the nose.
Color on the whiskers by drawing the small lines on either side of the nose.
Add Hello Kitty’s “Bow” by dabbing a small amount of glue on the top side approximately where her ear would be.
Glue on the box, flower, or other little finding! Add the eggs into a little basket and place them in the middle of the table for the Easter dinner. Happy Crafting!!!

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