Hello Kitty Biscuits

Hello Kitty Biscuits

These Hello Kitty Biscuits are up there when it comes to the cute factor and imagine the smiles when you hand these out with a cup of milk or coffee.  They are great for parties and home made gifts too.  You will need a Hello Kitty Cookie Cutter and they can be purchased for a very small amount from Amazon – You can find the Tutorial at the link below. Scroll our page for more ideas including very cute cupcakes and Pin your favourites.

Hello Kitty Biscuits0

These super cute Hello Kitty Cookie Cutters will come in very handy for all your baking needs and they will only cost you a few dollars!

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Hello Kitty Biscuits2

According to the Blogger these Hello Kitty Biscuits only require 30 -35 minutes baking time. It’s a very thorough tutorial and you are stepped through the entire process. You will soon be filling your biscuit tin with these cuties. Get the how to at the link below.

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