Minion Tyres

Garden Tool Minion1

If you love Minions you’ll adore this Garden Tool Minion in your backyard! It’s a fantastic way to recycle old ty(i)res and won’t the kids love it. This is a fun way to make sure the gardening tools are always put away!  Picture Sources via Pinterest

Minion Tyres

Picture Sources via Pinterest

Minion Tyres2

Minion Tyre Planter via ‘Pinterest’

Minion Tyres3

Minion Tyre Garden Caddy via ‘Pinterest’

Minion Tyres4

Minion Tyres via ‘Android Central Forums’

Minion Tyres5

Minion Tyre via ‘Pinterest’

Garden Tool Minion

Minion Tyre via ‘Pinterest’

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