Claypot Garden Ideas


Gardening should be something both easy to make and fun to enjoy. With some creative arrangement and artistic painting, you can turn the plain clay pots into something fairy magic for an appealing garden decoration. Here is a roundup of terra cotta clay pot DIY projects that every gardener should try to brighten up the garden and yard this Spring.

1. Clay Pot Critters

1. Clay Pot Critters

These fun DIY Claypot Critters are perfect for flower beds, and they will brighten up your garden with their bold colorful paintings. They’re great DIY project to get kids involved and will bring so much personality to your garden and balcony.

Click HERE For The Tutorial From ‘Plaid on line’

Claypot Garden Ideas

Clay Pot Horses via ‘Facebook’

Clay Pot Horses

Clay Pot Horses via ‘Indulgy’

Clay Pot LightHouse


This is a cool little project for those of you interested in a nautical theme or looking to put a lighthouse in the garden or near a pool. stack the clay pots and paint to meet your needs and color scheme, then add an LED light to the top.

Click HERE For The Tutorial Via ‘eHow’

 Ombre Stenciled Flower Pots

Ombre Stenciled Flower Pots

This verticle Stenciled Flower Pots is another fabulous DIY project!  The ombre painting makes it even more gorgeous and it is easy to make for small space gardening.

Click HERE For The Tutorial Via ‘DIY Showoff’

Clay Pot Centerpiece

Clay Pot Centerpiece

This upside down terracotta pot centerpiece for St. Pat’s day is super easy to make and creative enough for different occasions with painting accordingly, they can be placed at home or outside decoration.

(Photo credit: Dodi47 blogspot)

Happy Frog Gardener

Happy Frog Gardener

Make a happy frog gardener with clay pot and clay saucer as flower planter or tiny pond in garden, they are easy enough but imposing for a warm weather garden decoration.

(Tutorial: craftnthings)

Claypot Garden Ideas1

Clay Pot Horse via ‘Pinterest’

Claypot Garden Ideas2

Clay Pot Horse via ‘Mid West Living’

Claypot Garden Ideas3

Clay Pot Horse via ‘Pinterest’

Claypot Garden Ideas4

Clay Pot Horses via Facebook

Claypot Garden Ideas5

Terracotta Pot Elephant via ‘Pinterest’

Claypot Garden Ideas6

Source ‘Pinterest’

Claypot Garden Ideas7

Claypot Zebra 

Claypot Garden Ideas8

Claypot Giraffe via ‘Pinterest’

Claypot Garden Ideas9 Claypot Garden Ideas10

Terracotta Turtles

Terracotta Turtles Tutorial 

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